Product Details

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Sparrow-20

Product Model: Sparrow-20

Product Description:

1.  Small in size, big on functionality. The Sparrow is a table top fiber laser marking machine which fulfills

     all requirements expected of an laser marking machine. It is able to mark texts, photos ( png, jpg, 

     jpeg, bmp ) , and vector file ( dxf, plt ) .

2.  It has the optional function to mark on the inside and outside of ring / bangle .

3.  The Sparrow comes with an easy to use software accessible by a built-in 8-inch touchscreen. External

     thumb drive, mouse and keyboard can be connected via the USB ports .

4.  With an aesthetically pleasing design and complete functionality, the Sparrow is suitable for all industries .

     From the demanding factories to space constraining retail spaces, the Sparrow is able to handle it all .

Applicable Industry:

Jewellery accessories, eyeglasses, clocks and watches, hardware, tools, accessories, sanitary ware, ceramic plastic, PVC, phone keypad, electronic components, integrated circuits IC, precision equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Product Specifications:

  Laser source :    Fiber Laser
  Laser power :   20W
  Minimum character size :   0.2mm
  Marking area : 


  Cooling system :   Built-in air cool
  Marking Depth :   Up to 1mm
  Max.power consumption :    300W
  Option : 

  1. X,Y Axis Work Table

  2. Rotary Marking Function with Rotary Device

  Power supply :

  220V / 60Hz / 1P / 4A or

  110V / 50Hz / 1P / 8A 

  Machine dimensions(L×W×H) :   320×540×650 (mm)
  Weight, Nett / Gross :   30 / 40Kg

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